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Download Rope Slash Apk

In-play store, there are tons of games in different categories.

When most of people like to play only action games, you may not like it.

Especially, if you love to take new challenges for your brain, you won’t like only actions.

For you, the Rope Slash is a better option.

This is a puzzle game where each step will keep you in a big challenge.

Here you have to cut a rope in the right way so that it touches another ball to make a chain.

Rope Slash Apk Features

Easy to Start

Unlike the common puzzle games, this won’t start with a difficult task.

The beginning is very easy. Cut the rope and make a longer chain with it.

Use Your Brian

Though it is easy to start playing this game, the difficulty will increase over time.

You need to be very careful if you want to win a level.

The basic physics is required for this game.

You can’t cut without maintaining the laws.

Unlimited Levels

Do you think you can win the early steps easily? No problem!

There are tons of levels in the game with new challenges.

So, there will be nothing boring for you. Every time you have to make a new strategy.

The game is all about science. If you are good at physics, will like the game for sure.

Download Rope Slash Apk

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