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If you are a big fan of simulation games and you like to drive fascinating trucks and other vehicles, rough truck simulator 2 game is for you.

This is the updated version of the game Rough Truck simulator.

After the huge popularity of the previous game, this one comes with better features.

As the driver of the vehicles, you have to complete different missions.

Most of the missions are related to delivering goods.

Rough Truck Simulator 2 Features

Good Graphics

Simulation games require an attractive graphical interface. And the good news is this simulation game as amazing graphics.

The detailed 3D graphics make it realistic. The size aspect ratio of the vehicles is perfect.

The thing I liked most is its improved motion graphics.

Variety of Locations

As I have mentioned earlier, here you have to deliver goods to different addresses.

You will explore new locations during the game.

The countryside road and the city road will make your journey exciting.

Manage the Goods and Vehicle

To complete the missions, you need to be good at management.

Why I am saying this? Well, when playing the game, you have to maintain the fuel level and speed.

Also, make sure that you are ready to overcome the dangerous obstacles in your path.

To drive a wide range of vehicles, you can install this game.

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