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Counting your steps can help you in different ways to stay fit.

For example, you can track how much distance did you cover when going from home to office.

Most of the time people use a tracker for this.

But if you are a professional, wearing an additional thing on hand can be difficult.

With the Runtastic pro apk, you don’t need any hardware to track your steps.

Runtastic Pro Apk Features

Track Daily Steps 

With this app, you can track the whole day’s steps.

The distance you have covered, number of steps, and more things without any additional hardware.

Besides the step counting, you can also know how many calories did you burn.

Set Your Goal

Before you start using this app, you can set your desired goal.

For example, you may want to cover at least kilometers a day.

Then you can set your desired distance and number of steps in the app.

Weekly and Monthly Data 

After a month or a week, you may want to look back in the activity log to identify how was your performance.

This won’t be tough with this app. It will show you the activity log based on weeks and months.

To track the count of steps without any additional wearable, Runtastic Pro is the best. You can start with the free version and then upgrade if satisfied.

Download Runtastic PRO Apk


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