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Unfortunately, most of the simulation games in the play store are designed only for boys.

But if you want to play the character of a girl, you can start playing the Seduced by the Mafia.

This is a romantic simulation game where you will have to play the character of a reporter.

Your main work will be finding the criminals and making a report on them.

In your path, you will have to face different obstacles.

Seduced by the Mafia Game Features

Amazing Storyline

The main attraction of the game is its storyline.

It is based on Italy’s most notorious Mafia group, the Cosa Nostra.

You have an unbearable past about mafia and you can’t forget it.

So, you don’t fear anything and nothing can stop you.

Different Bosses

When playing the game, you will have to face three different bosses.

Each boss has some unique character and you have to read their minds.

The main three bosses in the game are Roberto, Stefano, and Marco.

They all are related to the mafia.

Amazing Graphics

The thing you will like most in this game is its graphical interface.

With the iconic anime characters and proper color contrast, it gives you the best experience.

There is a wide range of features in this game to choose from. Start playing with your unique style.

Download Seduced by the Mafia Apk

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