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We are living in an era where technology is everywhere and that is why we all want to send anything from one device to another within a few seconds. Send Anywhere apk is of the best solutions if you want to send different types of files from one device to another. The app uses the Wi-Fi connection of the device to send the files.

To be honest, there are tons of files sharing apps now available in the play store. But the fact is, each one of those apps is not efficient as Send Anywhere. The app is designed to make file transferring easier regardless of the file type.

send anywhere apk

Features of the Send Anywhere Apk

If you are seeing the app for the first time, you might have different questions. In this article, we are going to discuss all the features. Once you complete the article, you would know why people are relying on this app.

User-Friendly Interface

Whether it is a gaming app or a file-sharing app, the first thing anyone should be aware of is the user interface. The user interface of an application gives an idea about the user experience. For instance, if you download a file-sharing app and the interface is too complex to understand, there is less chance of getting benefited from it. Because it will be difficult to find the right option when needed. But with Send Anywhere apk, you won’t have to face such an issue. This app comes with an attractive user interface. Once you enter the app interface, all the options will appear. One can easily find the essential option without looking for it. As a result, you would have a better experience for sure.

Direct Transfer with Wi-Fi

Whenever we think of sharing a file or any document, we used to think of sending the file as an email attachment. Well, you may also consider the cloud-based platforms for file sharing. But why would you send a file with such a process when the person is in front of you? There is no point in using the mobile data to share files when you can simply use the default Wi-Fi connection of your device. Send Anywhere apk uses the Wi-Fi connection of the device to share files from it. The other person can also use the Wi-Fi connection to receive the file.

Share Files to Multiple Devices

In the previous feature, we have discussed sharing files with a particular person. But sometimes we need to send the same file to multiple people and you may think again of an email attachment or cloud-based file sharing. The good thing is, with the Send Anywhere apk, you can even send files to multiple devices at once. For this, you don’t need any additional app. First, select the file you want to share, create a link of the files and now send the file to all devices. This is a huge time-saving option for file sharing.

✔ Send Any Type of File

While you are trying to send files from one device to another, if you find some restrictions, that would be a feasible solution. Send Anywhere apk doesn’t have any limitations for files. You can literally send any kind of file using the app. All you need to do is allow the app to browse your files. Once you pair with another device, just select the files and tap send to instantly transfer them. It could be multimedia files like videos, audio, images, or document-type files. Even you can send the installed apps as a package to another device.

Send Files as Encrypted Data

In the world of the web, everyone wants to have privacy protection. Your data is sensitive and keeping them protected is essential. Unfortunately, with all file-sharing apps, you can’t be sure about privacy protection. Third-party software may get access to your files. For example, if you send personal photos and any third-party app gets them, you won’t like it for sure. Send Anywhere app transfers files from one device to another as encrypted data. Even if someone gets the files, he/she won’t be able to decrypt them. So, you can be sure about maximum privacy protection.

Easy to Pair Devices

You can’t accept requests to receive files because it could be harmful to your device. So, you need to be sure that you are accepting the files only from a trusted device. For this, Send Anywhere apk features two different methods to pair a device. You can either go for the QR code or use a simple code for receiving files. It is easy and works instantly.

Share Large Files Fast

The most annoying fact about sharing files from device to device is the slow transfer rate. As a result, when someone tries to transfer a large file, it becomes too difficult for the users. The good thing is, in the Send Anywhere app, you can share large files with good speed. Regardless of the file size, the transfer rate will be pretty high. For example, if you are trying to send a movie from one device to another, there won’t be an issue. You can do that within a short time.


  • Easy to pair devices
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation
  • Capable of transferring files to multiple devices
  • It can transfer all kinds of files
  • Sends files as encrypted data


  • Based on the internet connection, the speed may hamper

Final Words

Send Anywhere file sharing app have some flaws, but compared to similar apps, its performance is better. Within a short time, you can send multiple files to someone. It is easy and reliable. Moreover, the app keeps the files encrypted for privacy protection.

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