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This is a mysterious arcade game. Unlike conventional arcade games, it is full of secret things.

There is a story behind the game. It is based on New Jersey where is a big house and an old man lives there.

But suddenly the men die and all the properties go to his grandson.

Suddenly a gunshot reported in the police station and detective Jake Stone got the duty to solve it.

Seven Keys Game Features


This game comes with optimized graphics and re-design.

The proper aspect ratio and realistic color combination make the scenes natural.

This game is full of illuminations and this is also designed with mysterious elements.

Easy Touch Control 

Get smooth and comfortable touch control. It is optimized to ensure proper controlling in all situations.

Share Profile with Friends 

When playing this game, you can share up to 3 profiles with your friends.

Easy to Difficult Levels

Start with the easy level and complete the level to promote to the next level.

Each time you get into a new level, it will have new challenges.

English Subtitles 

It is designed with English subtitles that you can easily understand.

Moreover, you can read the history of the gaming plot in English.

When you want to give some real challenges to your brain, ‘Seven Keys’ is an ideal game to play.

Download Seven Keys Apk

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