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Download Shahid TV App

This is an entertainment app that is designed and developed by the MBC group.

There are so many fans around the world that love Arabian entertaining content.

But most of the time it becomes difficult to watch those programs in the cable line.

But now you can enjoy a wide range of Arabian contents in one place.

It is easy to install and you can use it from outside of the Middle East.

Shahid TV App Features

Large Collection of Movies

If you have never watched any Arabian movies, you will like to use this app.

It comes with a wider range of movies. You can choose based on the categories.

Select the category according to your preference and enjoy the movie.

The app regularly adds new movies on the list.

Dramas and TV Programs

Like Arabian movies, Dramas are also popular. You can watch different TV dramas directly in the app.

It is easy and convenient for everyone. Besides the dramas, you can also watch documentaries, lifestyle videos, and more.

Free to Start

This is a premium app for entertaining content. But you can start it for free.

Install the app and take a 7-day free trial.

If you liked the app, you can go for the annual subscription or other packages.

Shahid TV is the best way to enjoy Arabian content without staying in the Middle East.

Download Shahid TV App


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