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We all wanted to be a superhero in childhood, right?

Among different superheroes, spider-man is one of the most popular characters.

Spider Stickman Rope – Hero of Crime City is one kind of character where you have the power like Spiderman.

This is a free action game where you will control the spider stick man.

Play in the city of crime. As the hero, you will have to stop the crime in the city.

Spider Stickman Rope – Hero of Crime City Features

Show Your Tricks

Here, you have to show the best tricks to save the city.

Go to different locations in the city and choose what to do.

Win the obstacles and discover new features. Fight against the criminals.

Different Skills

Besides the rope skills, you will have the power to destroy and crash things.

Fight on the street and use all different skills.

Stunning Graphics

The city of crime is designed with high rise buildings.

These buildings look amazing with the proper sizing aspect ratio.

Moreover, the perfect HD color combination and 3D models make the game enjoyable.

This is an addictive game that will want to play again and again.

Keep playing the game and explore new resources and win the city.

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