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State of Survival is a survival strategy game where you need to play the character of a survivor.

It is developed and designed based on a good storyline.

There is a recent outbreak in the area where the infection ripped across the country.

It is taking down civilization. Most of the areas are now under the infected.

You can either make friendship with other survivors or you can fight.

State of Survival – Discard Game Features

Stunning Graphics

The thing you will like most is its attractive graphical interface.

Realistic graphics makes it exciting. Different characters, vehicles, and weapons come in the perfect color contrast and shadow for the best look.

Rebuild the Civilization

In a tough situation, you can rebuild the area.

Build up a settlement and form a safe area for the survivors.

At the same time build a foundation for your post-apocalyptic empire.

Rescue Others

The only way to get new people in your team is by rescuing other survivors.

This is going to be very difficult. You need to make the right decision each time to avoid the danger.

Research About the Disease

The zombie disease is dangerous that can ruin your whole plan.

So, start researching it to find what can stop this epidemic infection.

Surviving in this game is a real challenge that only the proper tactics can overcome.

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