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Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter.

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Do you like to go for a walk in the morning? Or, maybe you like to go jogging?

It can be for losing fat, weight, or maybe just to stay it.

But there is no benefit of walking or jogging without any planning.

You should count your steps to know how much distance did you crossed.

Besides, you need to know how many calories burned in your workout.

For this, now you can use a free app named Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter.

Step Counter-Pedometer Apk Features

No Need GPS

Unlike the common step counter apps, this app doesn’t require access to GPS.

It uses a built-in sensor for counting steps.

No matter wherever you kept your phone.

The app can work when it is in the pocket, armband, or any other area of your body.

Even it will keep working on the lock screen.

No Locked Features

We used to see most of the step counter apps keep some features locked.

This is why because they want more paid users. But at this point, Step Counter is exceptional.

It is providing all features for free.

Keep Backup of Your Data

Using google drive, you can keep the backup of your data.

You can also recover the backup data at any time when using the app.

For free step counting, nothing can beat the Step Counter app.

Download Step Counter-Pedometer Apk

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