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This is an anime-style game. If you are a big fan of Japanese anime, you should play this game.

Your character will be a member of an assault team.

As a team member, you have to work with other imprisoned players to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad!

The game is designed and developed based on the amazing storyline.

You will also experience behind the scenes.

Sword Art Online Game Features

HD Graphics

As I have mentioned earlier, this game comes with an amazing anime style.

The whole interface of this game has iconic characters.

The perfect motion graphics make the action scenes realistic.

Battle System

It comes with an epic battle style. Fight through the sprawling fields of Aincrad.

During the fight, you will have a partner named Koharu.

You and your partner will be trapped in the situation of life and death.

You have to fight to win this obstacle.

Different Weapons

You will have a wide range of weapon collection.

With new levels, you can explore new features.


Pas the beginning levels and explore new levels. Remember that new levels mean new challenges.

There will be new bosses with more power and you have defeated them with limited resources.

For anime lovers, this game is highly recommended.

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