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Solving puzzles is the best way to pass your boring time.

Puzzle games used to come in different features and some of them are so much general.

All have the same old style interface and puzzles.

If you are looking for something better and cute, the Takoway is the app you need to install.

It is fun to solve different puzzles in a vibrant condition.

Takoway – A Deceptively Cute Puzzler Features

Follow the Character

The game includes a cute character and you have to follow it for solving puzzles.

This is a hexapus which will go for a journey with six legs.

It is trying to escape the captivity to find a place in the world for her.

Two Fold Puzzles

Unlike the traditional puzzle games, here you don’t have to stick to a particular mode.

There are two different ways to play the game.

you can choose either the exterior mode or the interior mode.

In both modes, you will have to solve the challenging puzzles.

Challenge for Your Brain

This game gives an excellent challenge for your brain.

Here you have to venture through mind-bending hazards in a variety of labs.

You will like the interface of this game that comes with vibrant color.

Download Takoway Game Apk

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