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Download Talking Ginger 2 Apk

The developer and the designer of the app are the same as the Talking tom.

Talking ginger is a growing kitten that can talk to you.

The kitten is growing and it wants you to celebrate the birthday with cake and fun activities.

Join the celebration and enjoy it. The main character of the app is too funny that both you and your kids are going to like it.

Talking Ginger 2 Apk Features

Talk with Ginger

This is the coolest feature of the app. When you talk to the kitten, it will repeat your saying but in the tone of a cat.

Give your kids the chance to talk with it and enjoy.

Play with It 

You can play with the ginger at any time anywhere.

The app doesn’t require any internet connection.

Cuddle the kitty, tickle for cool reaction, and do other daily activities.

Record the Activities of Ginger 

Record what your kitty is doing. You can record and share those videos with your friends.

New Stuff 

You can always go for new stuff in the app. Win new snack meals for the kitty.


Besides the regular features, it also has some mini-game to play.

You have to blow the birthday candles and try how many candles can you blow within the time limit.

If you are a cat lover, going to love this app for sure.

Download Talking Ginger 2 Apk

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