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Sometimes you may not want to text or call someone with your original phone number. Especially, when you want to hide your identity. In general, this is not possible. But when you are using the Textnow app, this is not a difficult task. You can call or text someone without showing your identity. The app is free to download, and you need to use Wi-Fi to operate the app.

TextNow APK Features

Make and Receive Call

You can use this app as a virtual phone number of your that allows to do call and receive calls like a regular cellphone. There is no need for any additional things with the app.

Send Emojis and Stickers 

This is a cool feature that allows the users to send stickers or emojis to someone without any additional app. It will work like a messaging app.

Get a Random Phone Number

You will have a random phone number for calling. So, no one can track where do you call and where from your call. As the app works with a Wi-Fi connection, there is no need to use the mobile network.

There are more features inside the app. You can use the app for both entertainments and work purposes.

Download TextNow APK


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