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Download Textra SMS Apk

If you check some messaging or chatting app in the app store, will find that most of the apps come with almost the same interface.

This is so boring to use the messaging app with the same features for years.

But if you want to get something new and exciting without losing the essential features, Textra is the app you will want to use.

With tons of premium features, this app comes for free.

Textra SMS Apk Features

Customize the Interface 

Messaging apps are generally not customizable.

Means, you can’t change the interface according to your preferences.

But guess what? You can customize the interface of the Textra app.

Tons of Themes 

There are tons of themes available for the app. Just pick one and change the total interface.

Whether you like dark or light mode, you will find in it.

Customized Messaging

Need to send a message at the exact time? No problem! You can set a scheduled message in the app.

Also, it allows for the slide to message and deleting options.

Cool Emoji Collection 

You will have all the popular emoji in this app.

So, attach them with the message and do the fund with your friends.

Besides stunning features, this app ensures your online security.

Download Textra SMS Apk

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