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Download The Dark Knight Rises Apk

If you are a comic fan and you love DC comics, this game is suitable for you.

The game is designed and developed based on the character of Batman.

All the things in the game are based on the epic end of Batman’s trilogy from director Christopher Nolan!

Be a rich and kind superhero who wants to help people and want to save the world.

When you want to get a real superhero like feel, this is the game.

The Dark Knight Rises Apk Features

Good Graphics

The very first thing you notice in the game is its HD graphics.

Like the movie, everything here looks realistic.

You can differ the scenes easily that come with more details.

Because of the good graphics, its size is bigger.

Save People

During your gameplay, there will be several missions and you will have to complete them.

Save the hostage, participate in the dizzying chases, and more things in it.

Show your best skills and use the power to save the world.

Get Ready for Hand to Hand Combat

Like the character of Batman, you will have to fight with hands.

Like the superhero, you will get attacked by several enemies where you have to show the best-unarmed combat strategy.

DC comics fans must play this game.

Download The Dark Knight Rises Apk

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