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This is an exciting role-playing game where you have the chance to play as Dr.

This is a story-based game with a variety of features.

The main storyline is about people who can start a new life from the beginning.

But the patient has to live only on the head. The game first released on the PC version.

After huge popularity, the developer has released it for the mobile device.

To the Moon Game Features

Non-Combat Storyline

Where most of the games are related to combat, this one is more about intelligence.

You will be on the team of two doctors. During the game, make critical decisions about peoples’ lives.

Amazing Graphics

The developer company X.D. Network has designed this game which you can compare to real life.

The graphical interface comes with a unique look. Everything including the scenes of different locations looks perfect.

Wide Range of Languages 

Sometimes you may wish to play the game in your own language.

You will like this game because it supports tons of languages including English, FD Français, Deutsch, Español (Latinoamérica), and more.

If you are a big fan of story-based games, this one is recommended for you.

Download To the Moon Apk

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