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Download Tor Browser Apk

When you are browsing some sensitive content, you may not want to expose it to others.

But the fact is, all regular browsers are being tracked by advertisers and other third-party.

It is annoying. Also, some countries may have blocked websites that you need to visit.

If you want to browse everything flawlessly, the best solution is using the Tor browser.

This one browser is enough for all your wish in a web browser.

Tor Browser Apk Features

No Tracking by Third-Party 

When you use the Tor browser for web, no one can track what you are doing.

Visit any website that you want and remain safe from being tracked by advertisers.

You can also block the spam ads.

Multi-Layered Encryption 

This is the best feature of this browser. It keeps all your browsing data in multi-layered encryption mode.

No one can get access to it or hack it.

Defend Against Surveillance 

Using this app, you can defend all surveillance. Means, no one can see what you are doing in your device.

This ensures your cyber safety.

It’s Free 

Though the app has tons of superb features, you don’t have to spend a single penny for using it.

It takes a donation from the users. You can donate to the developer but that is not essential for using it.

To surf the web without being tracked by anyone, the tor browser is the best solution.

Download Tor Browser Apk

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