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Download Train Simulator PRO 2018 Apk

Did you play different simulation games?

Okay, most of the driving-related simulation games are mainly based on car or truck driving.

But what about becoming the train engineer who will drive the whole train?

Yes, this is possible with the Train Simulator PRO 2018.

Here you can choose your own style to drive the train.

You can choose between fast passenger locomotives or powerful freight mover.

Train Simulator PRO 2018 Apk Features

Amazing Graphics

The interface of this game comes with good graphics.

During your travels, you will pass through different cities, factories, suburbs, courtside, and more.

Each thing and condition are designed based on real-life things.

Longest Journey ever

This is not a small trip where you explore a few things.

Instead, this game comes with almost 1000 square miles of terrain.

During this long travel, everything will be in your control.

14 Cars

In this simulation game, you can get 14 detailed cars.

Among them, 3 cars for carrying passengers and 11 of them as freight.

Traffic and Trains on Track

There won’t be only your train. For a realistic feel, there are other trains and traffic.

With all the amazing features, this is one of the best simulation games where you will drive a train.

Download Train Simulator PRO 2018 Apk

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