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Do you want to control your brain and train it with a bit of music?

Then Vectronom is the app that you want to install on your phone.

Traveling somewhere and feeling bored?

No problem! Just turn on the app, use your headphone and listen to some amazing tracks.

At the same time, solve the puzzles and other challenges to get rid of the boring journey.

Vectronom Apk Features

Experience Graphical Interface with Music

The app comes with a graphical interface where users can experience the color wave with music.

In the background, a hypnotic electric soundtrack will be played.

It will stimulate your brain and you will feel the real psychedelic world.

Solve Puzzles with Music

When the background music is playing, you have to solve puzzles in the app.

There are different puzzles included in this app and you will have to solve them with the speed of the music.

This is challenging and your brain becomes active.

If you are feeling lethargic, start playing the puzzles with music.

New Updates

You don’t have to stick to a piece of particular music and puzzle all the time.

New updates come regularly. It allows user-based content.

This app is all about music and color.

Download Vectronom Apk

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