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Though there are so many new messaging and chatting apps are coming in the market each day, Viber is something different that you will like to use. The app is old but has all the features that you wish in a chatting app. There are millions of users of this amazing messenger app. It provides different unique features to make your chatting experience enjoyable.

Viber Messenger Apk Features

Synchronize with Desktop or Tablet

Once you have installed the app in your phone, you can also see all the messages in your desktop and tablet without entering the Viber app. This is helpful when you don’t want to switch from your desktop computer.

Free Audio and Video Calls

With this free messenger app, you can do audio and video calls for free. The best thing is, the sound and video quality are great that you will feel like the person is talking in front of you.

Make Low-cost Calls to Landlines

This is a unique feature of Viber. You can call from your Viber messenger app to landlines. Also, you can even call someone who is not on the internet. This costs you very low that you won’t use any other method.

For regular usages, this app is really helpful.

Download APK

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