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Download Viki Apk

Do you consider yourself a big fan of Korean dramas and Korean music?

Do you love Kpop? Then I would recommend installing the Viki app on your phone.

This app allows for enjoying a wide range of programs.

Besides the Korean programs, you can also choose programs from Japan, China, Taiwan, and other countries.

It is easy to use and the interface is user-friendly.

Viki Apk Features

Wide Range of Programs 

Enjoy a wide range of programs using the app. Choose different types of programs from the categories.

Enjoy Lifestyle videos, TV programs, and a variety of shows.

Check the rating before playing a video to know more details.

Chat with Other Fans 

After watching your favorite program, you may want to share your experience with people with the same mind.

Well, this is easy with the app. You can share your opinion about a program with other fans in chatting.

Pass the Ads 

Don’t like to see ads when enjoying some popular programs?

No problem! Subscribe for Viki pass and avoid al the ads and experience only the HD videos.


This is the most interesting in it. There are people from different languages and they provide the subtitles that actually make sense.

You have a good chance of getting subtitles in your own language.

Download Viki Apk

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