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Did you watch different movies based on the old western lifestyle?

Or, did you read western books and have a fascination with that lifestyle?

If so, you should play this Westland Survival – Be a survivor in the Wild West game.

Here you will have to survive as a cowboy. You have the chance to become the rule of law of western.

Westland Survival Game Features

Amazing Graphics

The interface of the game is amazing. Its plot is designed based on western culture.

The creek, mountain, river, horse, everything comes in the perfect color and texture.

Several Missions

The game includes several missions for surviving.

You have to do wood logging, deer hunting, and mining for your resources.

These are the ways to collect your logistics in the game.

Build Your Ranch 

Like the old-style western movies, this allows you to make your own ranch.

Collect the essential stuff and start the wild west ranch for you.

Fight Gangsters

When you are trying to build your ranch, gangsters won’t let it happen.

But you need to be the brave person to fight against them with pistols and rifles.

Play the game and be the western hero.

Download Westland Survival Apk

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