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Messaging app for smartphones is a kind of blessing.

Though it is easy to use a messaging or chatting app, the problem is in privacy.

When using a conventional app for chatting with someone, hackers can easily hack all your data and private message.

To have an effective solution for the users, Wickr me app is developed.

This provides the maximum security of your personal information.

Wickr Me Apk Features

Free and Easy 

Using this app doesn’t require anything special.

Just download the app for installation and start it without any money.

The best thing you are going to like is its registration process.

Where most of the messaging app requires a phone number or email number, it doesn’t ask for anything.

Share Your Private Information 

No matter if you want to share something personal through the app.

It sends all data in the encryption method to avoid any unwanted interruption.

No one can get access to your videos, images, or phone calls.

Use the Shredder Option 

Have you deleted all messages and still confused if anyone can get the data?

No problem! With the shredding option, you can overwrite your deleted data to make it undiscoverable.

This is the best app for chatting, talking, and doing things with high security.

Download Wickr Me Apk

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