X Launcher New Apk Download For Android

Download X Launcher New Apk

If you are getting bored with the old style and interface of your android smartphone, now it is time to bring something exciting.

You can easily change the whole interface of your smartphone using the X launcher app.

The launcher comes in the new design based on OS12 style. So, you will get all the latest features.

And the thing you will like is its ad-free feature.

X Launcher New Apk Features

Control Center

No matter which launcher are you using, you may want to customize different things.

For this, there is a central control system from where you can do everything like a pro.

For instance, you can control the Wi-Fi, Network, Volume, etc.

Various Themes

When it is about the theme selection, you don’t have to put yourself in any limitation.

There are thousands of themes available in its theme store. You can always change to a different one with a different look.

Besides, there are tons of wallpapers with beautiful scenes.

Powerful App Manager

The most important thing about a launcher is its app managing system.

For users’ convenience, this app comes with a powerful app manger. Easily find local apps and drop it to desktop.

For a better and modern look in your smartphone, this app is highly recommended.

Download X Launcher New Apk

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