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Download Xenowerk Tactics Game Apk

Do you want to be a superhero without a superpower? Then start playing the Xenowerk Tactics game.

Here you will be a commander of the emergency response team.

After a massive disaster at a secret lab. Your mission will save the investment of the corporation.

Besides, the world is in danger because of the exploration.

Be an intelligent person to save the world and ensure profit for the company.

Xenowerk Tactics Game Features

Explore Challenges

In your path, there will be an infected zone and you need to be the smart person to save and prevent danger.

Use your skills and traits for stopping the issue.

There are plenty of jungles, laboratories, shelters, and factories.

In each step, there is a danger. Save yourself from this.


As the commander of the emergency response team, fight against the hordes of mutants.

The real-time fight requires your maximum push to win. Be aware to use tactics to win against the enemies.

Manage the Team

As the commander of the team, you need to recruit new people and manage them in the right way.

You may have to hire scientists, marines, etc. for the mission.

This game will bring out the maximum skills and capacity of you.

Like the real world, here you have to spend the resources correctly.

Download Xenowerk Tactics Game Apk

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