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Download Yasa Pets Mall Apk

Currently, kids are so much addicted to cell phones and smart devices.

You can utilize the addiction to teach them something new.

Where there are tons of games for adults, this game is best for kids.

Besides the gameplay, kids will learn different things.

This is fun and kids love it a lot.

There are some funny characters with amazing outfits.

Yasa Pets Mall Apk Features

Drive a Car

This game allows to drive a car and visit the shopping mall.

Users can also go for some beautification in the saloon.

All things are designed with good and bright colors. These colors are kid-friendly.

Have Parties

Play the game together with your kids.

Teach your kid how a party can be celebrated with this game.

In the app, you can have a barbeque party.

Customize the Characters

You can customize the characters with additional items.

You can always change it for making it more exciting.

Change the outfit, hair color, hair, and more.

Participate in Talent Hunt

Yes, this app also has a talent hunt competition. Users can participate in it by singing.

Show the best skills of singing and win an award.

For kids and mom, this is an amazing game to spend time together.

Download Yasa Pets Mall Apk

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