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Download YouTube Vanced Apk

If you are an android user, you must have the YouTube app on your phone.

Did you ever feel like you need some advanced features in the app?

Well, that is not uncommon. People used to look for something convenient.

Unfortunately, the official YouTube app doesn’t have all the desired features.

To solve this problem, the app, YouTube Vanced was released.

This is a kind of modified YouTube app with lots of additional features.

Once you start the app, you will like it for sure.

YouTube Vanced Apk Features

Built-In Adblocker

As YouTube is a user-generated content platform, there will be ads from where creators get their commission.

But sometimes you might not like to watch ads when playing a video.

Because of that, the app comes with a built-in ad blocking system.

Next time when you are watching an important video, there won’t be any interruption.

Moreover, you don’t need an additional ad blocker for YouTube.

HDR Mode 

You may want to enjoy the videos in HDR mode but all devices are not suitable for it.

YouTube Vanced will do it for you. You can play all the videos forcefully in the HDR mode.

Background Playback 

One of the most common issues in the YouTube official app is, you can’t play videos in the background while doing other things.

The Vanced app offers to play videos without any hassle in the background.

Now you can turn on your favorite music and do other things.

Change the Interface 

Don’t like the regular theme of YouTube? No issues! You can change the theme with the app.

There are different themes to choose from. Moreover, it allows you to change the window style of videos.

Swipe Volume and Brightness Control

When playing a video on the full screen, you can easily change the brightness and the volume just by swiping. This gives you more control.

The app is a perfect choice for people who love convenience.

Download YouTube Vanced Apk


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