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Calling and chatting apps are now trending. Because of their convenience, people are using different apps on their phones. Among different calling apps, WhatsApp Apk is one of the most popular ones.The app allows users to perform audio calls, video calls, share files, and more. However, sometimes you will feel like you need more features in the app. For this, the YoWhatsApp Apk is designed. It is based on the mod version like gbwhatsapp and has tons of amazing features that are not available in the main version.


YoWhatsApp Apk Features

Privacy Settings

The very first thing you will notice in the app yowhatsapp yousef is its privacy settings option.

Unlike the real version, this app allows you to turn on different features.

For example, you can see the last seen time of others even when your one is turned off.

You can also hide the blue ticks and still read what others are saying.

Don’t you want to show your online status?

No issues! Simply turn on freeze for online status and it will show a constant timing.

Migrate the Original One

If you want to use the yowhatsapp latest version, you are not going to lose anything.

Simply you can migrate the original version to the YoWhatsApp version.

It requires one click and a great time-saving option.

Lots of Themes

The original version has limited numbers of themes for the users.

But you may not like them or want to try something different.

The whatsappyo gives you the options to choose from.

There are tons of themes from where you can pick the desired one.

This gives you an attractive interface for WhatsApp.

Variety of Emojis

Did you ever notice that some people are using attractive and exceptional emojis in WhatsApp?

Well, you can do it too. YoWhatsApp has tons of emojis including the originals.

This app is for those who want to experience customized WhatsApp like fmwhatsapp, whatsapp business apk, whatsapp plus apk.

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